eFusion is an award-winning security management software platform. It’s built on an open, modular framework that allows businesses the freedom to choose the best equipment and configurations for their particular needs whether they operate as a single-site or in a widely distributed IP-connected enterprise environment.

eFusion is a highly robust, agile and adaptable security management software platform that enables security personnel to more precisely monitor and assess potential and emerging threats and respond quickly to emergencies.

eFusion is specifically developed with utilities that allow users to modify and tailor the configuration to meet each site's particular requirements. It’s recognized for its best-in-class access control solutions with the greatest number of integrations, and easily adapts to accommodate both legacy hardware and the newest technologies in video surveillance, intruder, fire, perimeter, building management systems and smartphone apps. In addition, eFusion’s modular framework is designed to scale and grow with a customer's business, whether it is a single facility or large-scale, multi-location operation.


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