Talk Technology has enjoyed many successes in its Zambian business to date. It is our pleasure to put something back and support the community. Katie Penn is a marketing professional who has committed to volunteer her time to support the rural communities in Zambia and we decided to give her our support in her education program in the region.

Good luck Katie from us all at Talk Technology!

I'm 11 days into my training in Zambia, currently staying in Kabwe which is around 2 hours from the capital, Lusaka.

To ensure the quality of the programme, the team (20 Zambian volunteers and 20 UK volunteers) have spent the last 10 days together preparing for our placements in both Kabwe and Chibombo. The training has consisted of many sessions. Some have been on facilitation, monitoring our work, gender roles, Bemba (local language) and cultural differences among others on HIV/AIDS and the re-entry policy for young girls who fall pregnant whilst still in school.

I found out last week that I'll be staying in Kabwe in a rural community in Natuseko. I'll join my host family on Saturday 13th February and begin settling into the community to begin with.

I will be working on sexual health and reproductive rights and will be working in my local school and health clinic to educate both the in school and out of school youth in Natuseko. The school I will be working in is fairly large school, made up of just over 1,100 pupils aged 5 to 18, 156 of which are orphans. There are a total of 56 teachers in my school. So far I have met the head teacher and deputy head teacher and will meet the rest of the staff when I move in with my host family on Saturday.

Joining me in my community is my counterpart, Agnes as well as fellow volunteers, Tasha and Steve who are living near by with another host family.

Life in Zambia is very different and I am excited to share more when I begin work in Natuseko.